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Belshaw Donut Robot®
MARK II, V, VI Automatic Fryers

Donut Robot® Series Automatic Fryers deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake and yeast-raised donuts, automatically improving donut quality and reducing costs. Training and labor requirements are substantially reduced while quality, repeatable donuts are produced time after time. Additionally, Donut Robot® fryers have been shown to reduce shortening use by up to 50%.

Donut Robot® Series Automatic Fryers are built with exhibition style production in mind - improving foot traffic and customer loyalty. For locations where exterior ventilation is impractical, the Insider "Clean-Air" kiosk, without exterior ducting, is the solution.

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Belshaw Cake/Donut Plungers

Make a wider selection of specialty donuts with an investment in these cake donut plungers. Even greater variety is made possible with the addition of small attachments to a Belshaw plain plunger.


Belshaw Cake/Donut Depositors

Belshaw's Donut Depositors, the industry standard for over 75 years, are legendary for their precision and smoothness of operation - even after years of use in harsh conditions. Each Donut Depositor is engineered of durable gears, cams and trip arms that ensure identical volume and shape are produced with each and every deposit. Large swing arms enable precise positioning above the fryer with almost no effort. All units are mountable on a circular column or directly onto a wall.

Belshaw Type 'B' Donut Depositor is a mechanically assisted, hand crank machine designed for open kettle fryers of any make/model. The Type 'B' holds 15 lbs (7 kg) batter weight, and accepts all 10 Belshaw donut plungers and attachments, each forming one or more cake donut varieties. A typical operator can deposit 60 to 100 donuts per minute. Belshaw Type 'F' Donut Depositor is equivalent in size to the Type 'B', but utilizes a motor and touch-sensitive handle to deposit at a rate up to 115 strokes per minute. The faster stroke rate and easier operation of the Type 'F' reduces frying time variability between the first and last donuts dropped into the fryer, particularly for large fryers such as the Belshaw 724 and 734 fryers, and is physically easier on the operator. The "Deluxe" option features a highly polished aluminum body.
Belshaw Type 'N' Donut Depositor holds 12 lbs (5 kg) batter weight and is used with smaller fryers such as Belshaw's 616 tabletop fryer. The Automatic Type 'N' is designated for use with Belshaw Mark IX Donut Robot® fryers only. Type 'N' accepts the same plunger varieties as Types 'B' and 'F', but with shorter shaft length.

All Donut Robots® except the Mark IX employ an automatic cake donut depositing system that only requires filling with batter. The Donut Robot® Automatic Depositor operates with its own set of plungers and attachments for forming plain, star, french cake, mini, ball, nugget, dunkerette,and crescent donuts


Belshaw Electric Open Kettle Fryers

Belshaw's 600-series electric heated open kettle fryers are designed to produce high quality donuts with low operating costs. The heavy duty elements used by the 600 series are robust enough to withstand daily use for the entire life of the fryer. Space under the elements is reserved as a cool zone to avoid further heating of frying debris. The elements themselves tilt up to vertical to allow quicker cleaning after each shift. The kettle can be quickly removed for periodic cleaning outside the fryer. Easy-to-use submerge screens can be added to further improve production efficiency. And 600 series fryers are fully compatible with Belshaw Type 'B' and Type 'F' donut depositors. Belshaw's 600-series open kettle fryers also accommodate the EZ Melt under kettle shortening melter/filter. The EZ Melt can melt an entire block of shortening, and pump new shortening directly to the fryer at the touch of a foot pedal. Belshaw provides a full line of complementary equipment that saves labor cost and improves quality consistency:

Models Available:


Belshaw Gas Open Kettle Fryers

Belshaw's 700 series gas-heated Open Kettle Fryers are designed to efficiently produce high quality donuts. Our tube-burner design offers superior performance over flat- bottom fryers by providing a cold zone under the fryer tubes. This cold zone collects deposits and ensures longer shortening life and higher quality donuts. Belshaw has leveraged its specialization in donut production to add design features that add value for our customers. Our 'Controlled Combustion' burner tube technology leads the industry in gas efficiency, generating savings throughout the life of the fryer. Belshaw's 700 series Open Kettle Fryers accommodate the EZ Melt under-kettle shortening melter/filter as well as Belshaw Type 'B' and Type 'F' donut depositors. Easy-to-use submerger screens can be added to further improve production efficiency.

Models Available:


Belshaw Insider Clean-air Ventless Donut Kiosk

The Insider is Belshaw's distinctive new donut frying system that eliminates the need for an exhaust hood. With its ability to operate in indoor public places, the Insider offers unique benefits: Customers in high traffic areas can watch the Insider frying donuts automatically. The operator needs only fill the hopper and empty the Roto-Cooler (a revolving tray that collects the donuts automatically). The Insider can be easily moved from one place to another. The hood is built-in and there is no exterior ductwork.

The Insider eliminates the purchase and installation cost of standard hood ventilators. The new Insider is designed to attract the interest of passers-by. Its window area has been enlarged and its overall profile improved. The Insider now has greater merchandising potential than ever. The new Insider comprehensively addresses fire prevention, clean air, and sanitation requirements. The system meets or exceeds national and local safety standards. Cabinet and fryers are built and tested to UL-197 and NSF-4 standards. The Insider houses Mark II and Mark V Donut Robot® fryers including GP models. Standard equipment includes Cabinet, Donut Robot® Fryer, Roto-Cooler to catch and cool donuts after frying, and Shortening Reserve Tank to add shortening. Companion equipment such as the Donut Finishing Center is available for buyers wanting to feature highly decorated donuts.

CABINET: All stainless steel, plated steel and aluminum construction, except removable lexan viewing windows. Full clean-air recycling system, with fan-assisted grease filter, electronic filter, and odor filters. Integrated 8-switch interlock system to ensure ventilation is active. Fryer is otherwise shut down. 5-nozzle fire prevention/suppression system. Operates automatically using 3 sensors; also operates manually from pull station. Optional heavy-duty swivel casters with locks for moving into and out of position.

FRYING EQUIPMENT: Mark II or Mark V Donut Robot® fryer. Fryer includes: control panel, 5 ft (1.5m) power cord, stainless steel frame and kettle (with drain), conveyor and drive assembly, Donut Robot standard cake donut depositor. Mark II GP or Mark V GP can be chosen for fast mini-donut production.

Roto-Cooler for cooling and collecting donuts, or Sugaring Tray for applying sugars, or Finishing Tree for applying and displaying variety finishes n Shortening Reserve Tank for adding shortening. EZ Melt 18 oil-recycling system. Donut Finishing Center, H&I icer, or HG18 glazer for extra icing and finishing.


Belshaw Donut Proofers

Belshaw's EP18/24 cabinet proofer is for convenience, quality and time saving in proofing donuts, cinnamon rolls, and similar products. The EP18/24 is a robust, go-anywhere, use-anywhere proofer that can be rolled into any convenient position for loading or unloading without missing a beat. The EP18/24 proofer is designed for donut production The EP18/24 proofer is designed for donut production with a mind to convenience, quality and time saving. Compatible with Belshaw fryers 618L, 718LCG, 718LFG, 624, 724, and Donut Robot Accepts 17"x25" or 23"x23" screens, and most sizes in between 17 shelves with 3" shelf spacing when all 17 are used.

Capacity 68 dozen donuts/hour using 17" x 25" screens holding 24 donuts each (proofing time 30 minutes). Capacity 90 dozen donuts/hour using 23" x 23" screens holding 36 donuts each (proofing time 30 minutes). Six plexiglass doors (enables the operator to put in or take out one or two screens as they are ready, without opening a full height door).Thermostat-controlled dry heat and wet heat Blower system for evenly circulating warm humid air 4 heavy duty casters, 2 lockable Fully self-contained electical compartment that can be removed like a drawer. Removable shelves and stainless steel construction No plumbing, hard wiring or special installation. ETL certified to UL-197, CSA C22.2. NSF certified.

OPTIONS Auto-water connection Worldwide voltages (see model selection) Proofing screens for standard fryers Proofing trays for Donut Robot fryers. Backed by our 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor and 24/7 Nationwide Service.

Models Available:


Belshaw Hand Glazers

Belshaw's HG and HG-EZ hand glazers allow fast, uniform glazing of donuts, cinnamon rolls, cakes and other baked goods. These glazers conveniently glaze one full screen at a time, allowing a single operator to fry and glaze - with little or no wasted glaze. Unlike rod-style glazers, the glazing operation is quickly accomplished -without the operator's hands touching the donuts.

Belshaw's easy lift hand-glazer (HG-EZ) eliminates the heavy-lifting associated with standard hand glazers. Rather than being carried by the operator, the glaze applicator slides along rails as it glazes. This design provides even glaze coverage and more attractive looking donuts - all with less physical requirements from the operator. All hand glazer models are on movable casters and require little space. Stainless steel construction and sound design facilitate cleaning and provide a durable product that will stand up to years of everyday use. Glazers are available in sizes to accommodate standard screens.

Models Available:


Belshaw Shortening Filters

Belshaw's SF and EZ Melt shortening filters effectively clean and recycle shortening in any fryer with shortening capacity up to 211 lbs/ 96 kg. These filters reduce labor problems associated with handling hot shortening, extend the useful life of the shortening, and improve donut quality. The SF series filtering system utilizes a pump and refill hose combination for fast draining, filtering, rinsing, and refilling of the fryer.

The EZ Melt series filtering system has the additional capability to melt solid shortening and pump back to the fryer on demand. Shortening is maintained in the reservoir at a set temperature and is pumped through a fixed connection with the push of a foot pedal - reducing fry temperature variability and improving fryer recovery time. Handling 50 lb (23 kg) blocks of shortening is made easier - the entire block is loaded at once and the cube cutter inside the machine divides the block.

All filters employ a long-life synthetic filter that needs only annual replacement under normal operating conditions. All models are on movable casters, and can be stored under compatible floor and tabletop fryers. The flexible heat resistant hose features a plated steel nozzle and insulated handle to enable easy flushing of solid particles from any shape fryer kettle.

Models Available:
SF 18
SF 24
SF 34

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