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Belshaw Equipment

Belshaw Equipment: A History Of Baking Excellence

Founded in 1923, Belshaw baking equipment has provided the world with a high standard of quality for nearly a century. From donut fryers to proofers to other bakery equipment, Belshaw has helped to keep bakers in business for decades.

Headquartered in Auburn, WA, Belshaw has always stayed on top of the latest innovations when it comes to bakery equipment and technology.The company has been known for providing bakery equipment across North America. When bakers need a name they can trust, they turn to Belshaw equipment.

In 2007 , Belshaw merged with Adamatic Manufacturing, previously located in New Jersey. Together, Belshaw and Adamatic have combined to provide bakers with top of the line products using Adamatic's impeccable standards when it comes to the manufacturing process.

Belshaw Adamatic provides baking equipment to myriad organizations, including central manufacturing locations, military bases, military ships at sea, retail and wholesale operators, concessions/ restaurants/ chains/ supermarkets, bakery cafes, industrial donut processing plants, and more. Anyone who has eaten a donut in the last century has enjoyed the delicious benefit of Belshaw equipment.

If your bakery is ready to take it to the next level, Belshaw Adamatic is the only way to go. At Bakingology Inc., we're proud to provide our customers with state of the art Belshaw equipment. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your bakery.

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