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Donut Proofers

How Donut Proofers Can Improve Your Quality

As a baker, you know the importance of allowing yeast based products to proof. The yeast needs time to cause the dough to rise. While donuts can turn out great proofing on a counter, using a donut proofer increases the likelihood that your donuts will turn out perfectly. Whether you're looking for donut proofers, kettle fryers for sale, or other donut equipment, Bakingology Inc. is here to meet all of your bakery needs. Let's take a look at why using donut proofers is such an important part of the donut making process.

Yeast is a fickle organism, and can be difficult to work with. When you're baking at home or on a small scale in your bakery, you likely let yeast based products rise on the counter, perhaps covering them with a damp paper towel. Yeast depends on heat and moisture to work well, and it can be hard to control these conditions. Seasonal humidity and temperature can play a huge role in how your yeast reacts within your dough, and this can cause a change in quality depending on factors that are out of your control.

If you depend on the humidity and temperature of the air in your bakery to control your yeast based products, you're going to get a different product from day to day. When you use a donut proofer, you're effectively controlling the environment in which the donuts proof. You get to control the temperature and humidity, making it much more likely that you'll get nearly identical donuts time and again. Your customers want the same deliciousness they had last time they tried your bakery - and a donut proofer allows you to give them exactly that.

As a baker, you're committed to quality, and you only want the best for your customers. At Bakingology Inc., we're here to help. Whether you're looking for kettle fryers for sale or donut proofers, we're here to supply the baking equipment you need.

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